Alex’s Country Store Liaison Service

Bilingual interpreter, specializing in interpreting official documents between English and Japanese.

We provide high-quality service in a timely manner

Our superior services ensure all your needs are met in a timely manner, so you can rest assured. We undertake urgent tasks such as property management, interpretation, and translation. If you require any of these services, contact us now and let us take care of it. Then that's one less thing to worry about.

Services Offered

  • Undertake urgent tasks given by Japanese real estate companies (Overseeing onsite repairment as well as electricity and water inspections)
  • Serve as a fire insurance guarantor for domestic properties
  • Liaises between domestic/ foreign resident property owners and any companies related to the real estate company.
  • Transfer property tax invoices, electricity, water and L.P. gas bills, and points of contact for such inspections which are regularly conducted. Any documents which require translations will be done accordingly before being provided.
  • Assist with Preparation of Winter Stay
    • Arrange Honest mechanic to maintain your vehicle and keep it in during in Obuse.
    • Supply firewood
    • Arrange inspections for rooftop snow removal devices to facilitate their maintenance. Oversee fall leaf removal duties conducted by the cleaners.
    • Oversee L.P. gas installations and simple repairs prior to the arrival
  • Offers interpretation for legal consultation with a lawyer for civil, criminal and conciliation cases.
  • Assist to prepare to application for working holidays visa, its extension and others.

Snow Season

The snow season starts in most of the Nagano Prefecture’s resorts in October. Hence, it is necessary to install water pipe protection measures as they are particularly vulnerable to freezing. In addition, in winter a roof snow melting system is required as the system does not operate properly especially when the fallen leaves are left unattended on the roofs or in the rain gutters.

Structural damage is common with vacant and unoccupied properties. Cases are as follows;

  • Window damage due to the frosting with rooftop rainwater or melting snow.
  • Destruction caused by wild birds and animals entering the properties through cracks and holes found in the structure.
  • Potential risk of burst water pipe damage both inside and outside of the properties.
Therefore, I will be conducting onsite visits to oversee the inspections conducted by the professionals.

Less densely populated or resort areas see few comings and goings throughout the year. There have been several breaks-in cases where intruders spotted unattended properties owned by foreigners in which they established short-stay or even operated accommodation businesses. These cases have been on the rise amid the COVID-19 borders restrictions and even the house-sitters have committed the offense of unauthorized use of the property for its own business purposes.

Past Experience

  • Assisted with the English to Japanese translation for the Pentagon released war criminal’s record of oral statement
  • Translations for The Pacific War Crime Trials Records
  • Working for United Kingdom Lloyd's Register of Shipping
  • Interpreter for 1998 Winter Olympics (Nagano) CBS / BBC Broadcasting


Our office is located beside the Hokusai Museum in Obuse town, well-renowned as Nagano’s travel destination. We have achieved long-term commitment to our business based on the trust of our clients from Commonwealth Nations.

My career has began at a Japanese trading company with 10 years of work experience followed by 14 years of work experience both in Germany and the Eastern United States in International Trade Administration. I have transferred my children to different schools and am familiar with international family relocation. My extensive experiences allow me to accomplish accurate and high quality translations, utilising phrases catering to the document issuing country. Domestically, I have improved my skills through being involved in translating/ interpreting tasks requested by judicial clerks, immigration lawyers, and real estate agents.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries or concerns.
Our friendly staff would love to assist you and understand the various concerns you may have from being overseas. We also take one-off projects.

Company Name: Alex’s Country Store
Point of Contact: Mayu Ogura Blausey
Address: 489-1 Obuse Higashi-machi, Kamitakai District, Nagano Prefecture 381-0200, Japan (Easily found as our office is located beside Hokusai Museum)
Phone/FAX: 026-247-6165